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VIJETHA as a young company is involved in offering Sustainable Solutions in Environment for over a period of 14years We are catering to the Water and Waste Water Treatment requirement of various industrial and municipal segments with a wide spectrum of our products with the latest technology. We have more than 75 installations in large capacities and 500+ installations in small capacities. Today we serve more than 200+ Beloved Customers.

A typical water treatment plant consists of the following sections:
Pre-treatment plant
Post treatment plant
Effluent treatment plant
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Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Plant

Water is used for drinking and sanitation, for industry, agriculture, green belt development and practically every area of human development. Industry uses water for variety of applications – to raise steam to generate power and run machinery, to cool condensers and heat exchangers, in the manufacture of beverages and packaged drinking water, for processing of textiles, in the manufacture of pulp and paper, in production of steel, in pharmaceutical industries and in the manufacture of semi-conductors.

Use of untreated and inadequately treated water results in a number of operational problems like scaling, corrosion and fouling of equipment resulting in unscheduled outages, replacement of expensive equipment and loss of productivity through rejection. The net result is loss of profits.

Water therefore needs to be treated to either modify or remove the impurities and make it suitable for each end use.

Some of the problems relating to water purity are:

In short, availability of water of adequate quantity and appropriate quality is vital for industrial growth.

Industry also produces effluent that requires to be treated either for safe disposal or for recovery of water for reuse in the process.

This handbook attempts to address these problems and provide solutions that are both feasible and economical based on 50 years of rich experience and expertise of Ion Exchange. We are confident that the handbook will be useful reference to all those associated with water and waste water treatment.

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We at VIJETHA intend to address these service requirements of customers with dedicated team of trained & licensed Engineers from THERMAX LIMITED


An Extended Relationship with us for Providing a service and maintenance of your Equipment. Hence Selecting Vijetha as your service Partner increases the life of equipment. We depute one of the Best Service engineers to do the job.


Our Engineers are ready to serve on an immediate basis if the Plant is not performing well where in plant shut down cause’s issues for usage of Water.


This is a total contract wherein we undertake complete responsibility the System by achieving of desired treated water with assured quality. This is a comprehensive Program which Includes Manpower 3 Shifts , Chemicals, Consumables , Spares etc.,


In Any case with Expansion or Replacing the Parts of the Existing System we solve your problems with best efficiency.

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