VIJETHA as a young company is involved in offering Sustainable Solutions in Environment for over a decade.
We are catering to the Water and Waste Water Treatment requirement of various industrial and municipal segments with wide spectrum of our products with latest technology. We have more than 25 installations in large capacities and 400 + installations in small capacities.

Our product line mainly comprises of:

  • Raw water pre-treatment comprising of Clarification and Filtration.
  • Ion Exchange processes like De-Mineralization Plant & Softening Plant.
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants for water treatment, effluent recycle, sea water desalination…..
  • Effluent Treatment, Recycle Plant and ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) Plant.
  • Domestic Waste (Sewage) Treatment/Recycle Plants and Water Treatment Plants

We have worked with the industries in optimizing the overall water balance by providing innovative solutions so that your water treatment cost and consumption is optimized, influent with high parameters are treated, effluent quality is improved and further recycled and provided with Zero liquid discharge.

Our Strengths :

  • Fast Delivery and execution across Pan India.
  • Preferred Channel Partner for international projects by our parent company.
  • Prompt and Responsive Service Team
  • Reliable and Genuine Spares
  • Backed by team of completely trained manpower by Thermax .

We have successful installations at almost every segment of industry mainly comprising of Steel, Power, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Automobile, Food & Beverages, Textile, Distilleries etc.
The one stop solution for all the problems will be trusted partner who can commit to meet and mitigate all the Environment Policies laid down by the Government at a very competitive price. Vijetha a Thermax Channel Associate has been consistently Designing and Delivering Energy and Environmental solutions across the Industries partnering with Thermax.

Esteemed Clients