Cost Effective Solutions

  • Units incorporate the Principles of Ion Exchange, Degassification and Polishing to produce mineral-free water, that can be used in the fields of Steampower, Process and Cooling.
  • Range : From 0.1 to 100 m/hr
  • Variety of Cost Effective standard models in FRP and MSRL.
  • Easy to install, user-friendly and low maintenance.
  • Improved aesthetics and rugged design-for better appearance and increased life.
  • Advanced selections software for optimals configuration.
  • Food grade resins can be offered to Food & Pharma Industries.
  • Versatility in Applications.
  • Simpler Distribution and Collection Systems
  • Quick Availability.

The raw water passes through two beds filled with small polystyrene beads known as an ion exchange resins. All cations like Na, Ca and Mg, etc., are exchanged with Hydrogen Ions present in the Resin Group of the First bed called SAC. Similarly, All anions like Cl, Sulphates, etc., are exchanged with OH- Ions present in the Resin group of the Second bed called Anion Exchanger. Degasser Towers are used when alkalinity is high.