• Vijetha/ Thermax offers a complete range of Maxtreat membrane treatment chemicals including ¡ Antiscalants that provide optimum control of feed water with concentrate LSI up to 3.0 for varying water characteristics
  • Non Oxidizing biocides for controlling biological fouling
  • Alkaline and Acidic cleaning formulations Application of these products ensures reliable output, improved recovery, protects membrane from damages and accelerates reverse osmosis. Specifically designed computational software assists both in product selection and arriving at optimum dosage of RO antiscalants. Our products are compatible with all type of membranes and certified under ANSI/ NSF standards.
  • Polyelectrolytes
  1. The Maxfloc series of Polyelectrolytes are applied for effective solid – liquid separation
  2. Raw water clarification
  3. Colour removal ¡
  4. Sludge dewatering
  5. De–oiling
  6. Paint detoxification
  7. Industrial process applications


We represent Thermax Chemical Division for TULSION® brand Ion Exchange Resins for over 35 years. TULSION® is a premium brand and enjoys a Global Reputation in the field of Water Treatment and Process Application Technologies, based on Ion Exchange Resins.

Apart from the Industrial Water Treatment applications like Softening, Dealkalization  &  Demineralisation. We also have a wide range of Resins for Special Applications including:

  • Purification-Separation- Recovery-Removal
  • Polymeric Adsorbent Resins
  • Polymeric Catalyst Resins
  • Ion Exchange Resins for Biotechnology
  • Chelating Resins for Metal Recovery
  • Resins for Ultra-Pure Water
  • Resins for Customized Applications


Reverse Osmosis Chemicals :

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals :We represent Thermax which offers Maxtreat range of Reverse Osmosis Chemicals, in the form of Antiscalants, Cleaning Chemicals and Biocides, to take care of the different scales of slime formation that form due to Inorganic and Organic impurities present in water.

An antiscalant and cleaning chemicals range with biocides is also available.