This contracts benefits the Customer such that their plant is continuously Monitored and Serviced and work efficiently without any Hassles by Selecting VIJETHA as a service provider.

Customised Service Contracts that are right for your system, budget and manpower requirements. Our Service Contracts are custom tailored to help you get the most value from your water treatment equipment investment. If your equipment is not operating in the normal range, our service template will flag it immediately.

When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

Features and Benefits

  • Customized Service Contracts for your Specific Equipment and Budget
  • Reduces Manpower Requirements – stay focused on your core business
  • Standard Documentation and reporting are included with every contract
  • These Contracts include scheduled inspection and service visits
  • Minimal down time for your equipment


Our tasks do not end when a plant has been commissioned. If you are having problems in your Water Treatment Unit be it a Trouble Shooting Call or a Break Down Call .

Our engineers are ready to come to ensure that your equipment is put back into operation.

Trained engineers who are ready to serve you.

Features and Benefits

  • Fastest and Assured Quality Services
  • Taking care of your urgent requirements


This is a total contract wherein we undertake complete responsibility of supply of desired treated water with assured quality. This is a comprehensive service program with consumables and spares making you free of all hassles which will in turn help you in concentrating on your core business. Our team is trained engineers who are ready to serve you.


For existing Water Treatment Systems which are not operating at optimum efficiency, We offer Retrofit and Revamping services to enhance system performance. Through the course of a system’s life, efficiency begins to fall off, components need of replacement, and technology improvements become viable. Retrofit and Revamping Services focus on restoring your equipment’s operating efficiency and extending it’s useful operating life, without the capital expense of purchasing new equipment. We evaluate and make recommendations on how to reduce operating costs and increase operating efficiencies of your existing system. Our trained field service technicians visit your site, conduct a comprehensive review of the water treatment equipment and controls, review current operating procedures and data with your site personnel and provide a detailed report with recommendations for improving your system.

Features and Benefits

  • Consistent Water Quantity and Quality
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Maintenance Parts and Direct Labou
  • Reduced Utility Costs through reduced water usage
  • Reduced Costs due to less chemical consumption