Thermax has rich experience in water/wastewater treatment and water recycle. The innovative and customised solutions Thermax offers have redefined conventional methods of treatment of water and wastewater. It also addresses the safe disposal of toxic and non-toxic wastes in liquid, solid and sludge form

High Rate Filters

High Rate Filters are used for removal of mill-scale suspended solids and oil in Steel Water Re-circulation System. This produces good quality filterate water which is circulated back to the cooling towers. The rugged design ensures a high rate of filtration and low head loss through specialized under drain. With a high solid loading capacity and an efficient backwash and air scouring provision, it proves to be economical.

 Tube Settlers

Tube Settlers can be used for removal of turbidity from surface water to obtain both, potable and process water. The tube-settlers designed by Thermax Water Treatment are compact, save space, involve low civil cost and incorporate a modular design that reduces field erection activities. The tubes help achieve a laminar flow within a short distance, assuring better separation. With no major moving parts it requires minimum maintenance and is designed to work totally on gravity.

Automatic Valveless Gravity Filters

Its applications include process water, cooling tower water and potable water. With no valves, timers, switches, pumps or power, it is truly automatic, requiring minimum manpower and maintenance. Producing uniform quality effluents, there is a minimum of auxiliary equipment assuring complete control.

Dual Media Filter

Dual Media Filter contains two media for better filtration results. It is most suitable for boiler feed water, potable water and process water for the pharmaceutical, fertilizer, chemical, brwery, petroleum and textile industry and swimming pools. This filter has a dirt removing capacity five times that of sand filters, a lower back-wash, flow rate and lower pressure drop across the bed besides higher velocities.

Wide range of custom-built softening, de-alkalizing and de-mineralising plants for industrial process water applications, softeners with spent-brine recovery and demineralisers with inherent design to conserve water, and layered bed design that conserve space and save costs.

Waste Recycle and Recovery Systems

Membrane Separation techniques including Reverse Osmosis for de-salination and purification of brackish and sea water for drinking and industrial use. This can also be used for a variety of specialised membrane applications for chemical recovery and waste water reclamation projects.

Ultra Pure Water System

Catering to the needs of Semi-conductors, Electronics and Pharmaceutical industries, we offer ultra-pure water system as a combination of membrane and ion-exchange technique to produce 19 mg.ohms specific resistance water.

Recover chemicals from waste or treat harmful waste to an environmentally acceptable form

Waste Recycle and Recovery Systems

Integrating the wide range of products and techniques with comprehensive knowledge in total water manangement, we offer systems that conserve water through recycle and resource recovery. For example : recovery of Nickel and Chromium solutions, purification of pickling acids, water from recycle in textile, electro-plating, paper and pulp industry. What you get is a carefully designed system that yields better quality of recycled water than that of raw water. This results in reduced sizes of equipment used for pretreatment.

Waste management and Incineration Systems

Based on a thourough understanding of thermal processes, biodegradeability, chemical recovery and pollution control, we offer a range of unique standard and custom built solutions for waste management. These include effluent treatment plants, biomedical and other waste incineration systems.
Many of our systems are compact, self contained and modular, requiring very little setup and quick results. Waste treated with Thermax Waste management equipment is safe to handle and easy to dispose as it is in environmentally acceptable form.