In Water & Waste Solutions, VIJETHA/Thermax offers expertise in water management and recycling. It’s water and wastewater treatment systems support power plants, oil & gas installations, fertilizers, petrochemicals, and other industries. It’s waste management systems serve the health and hospitality sectors, townships and colonies, chemical and allied industries.

As increasing urbanization brings with it the comforts and glamour of modern living, quietly and steadily mankind has been paying the price through the degeneration of ecological resources. Enormous volumes of untreated wastewater are discharged every day as sewage and industrial effluents. These pollute the water bodies in which they are released. There is an urgent need, therefore, to treat and also recycle this wastewater thereby reducing the burden on freshwater sources. Wastewater treatment is carried out in three stages -the primary, secondary and tertiary stage… the second or biological stage is the most important of them all.

There are different types of Sewage Treatment Plants:


Circulating Bed Biofilm Reactor for Waste Water Treatment :

  • For Domestic Waste Water Treatment
  • Capacity: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 KLD.
  • Single stage Biological Treatment.
  • Suitable for basement installation- fits in clear height of 3.0 meters.
  • Improved Quality of treated water- suitable for recycling.
  • Reduced Operating Cost due to high oxygen transfer efficiency.
  • Higher Biomass concentration due to unique fluidization pattern.


Sequential Batch Reactor:

  • For Commercial Applications.
  • Range: 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 350, 400 & 500 KLD.
  • Improved outlet quality meeting prevailing stringent recyclable norms.
  • Novel Drain Siphon Mechanism with no maintenance.
  • Flexibility to handle a wide range of organic loads as well as changes in Hydraulic Loads.
  • Nitrogen & Phosphorus removal capability.
  • Lower Foot Print(As separate Sludge Setting System not required.).
  • PLC based automatic operation suitable for augmentation &  capacity up-gradation of existing STP’s.


Fluidized Aerobic Bio-Reactor For Sewage Treatment And Recycling :

  • Used to treat Waste/ Sewage Water for reuse.
  • Low sludge production, no sludge recycle – hence reduced sludge handling requirements and no monitoring of M.L.S.S..
  • Compact Plant with small space and lower power requirements.
  • Self- Regulating System and Odourless Operation.
  • Minimum moving parts, low chemical consumption and high turndown.
  • Less maintenance and better oxygen transfer efficiency due to non-clogging design and fluidized bed principle.
  • E-coil removal Range- 10 KLD to 5 MLD.


  • Capacities in 10, 20, 30 KLD.
  • Skid Mounted.
  • Plug & Amp; Play Model.
  • Works on the attached growth principle
  • Low Sludge Production Modular Design.
  • Minimal Operator Interface.
  • Aesthetically Appealing


Compact Sewage Treatment Plant:

  • A Compact, Reliable, Robust, and Low Maintenance Sewage Treatment System for Low Flow Capacities.
  • Principle: The system is based on facultative aerobic treatment using a bio-filter and aerobic digestion system in a single-stage module.
  • Standard Range: 10, 20, 30 m3/day of Sewage Treatment.


  • Capacities in 50, 75, 100 KLD.
  • Fewer transportation costs.
  • Less Erection time.
  • Minimal site activity/ Fast commissioning.


Salient features

    • Large unlined shallow tanks excavated in the earth
    • Provision for mixing/providing oxygen
    • Slow reaction, Retention time : 10 – 60 days
    • Incomplete treatment
    • Low maintenance
    • Large surface area required
    • Percolation to ground water


Salient features

  • Widely accepted practice
  • Based on the concept of suspended growth of bacteria
  • Requires sludge recycling and M.L.S.S. monitoring
  • Retention time : 16 – 24 hours


Salient features

  • Widely accepted practice
  • Based on the concept of suspended growth of bacteria
  • Requires sludge recycling and M.L.S.S. monitoring
  • Retention time : 16 – 24 hours


Salient Features :

  • Suitable For Basement Installation
  • Improved Quality Of Treated Water
  • Suitable For Recycling
  • Single Stage Biological Treatment
  • Reduced Operating Cost Due To High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency
  • Higher Biomass Concentration Due To Unique Fluidization Pattern
  • Better outlet parameters due to higher biomass concentration
  • Modular arrangements of bioreactor for higher flows
  • Minimum civil work
  • Meets prevailing stringent norms